Health and Social Services

Health and Social Services

Health and Social Services

Like any other major city, Augsburg has many different options for providing you with the health and social services you may need while there. As a university student, you have access to a network of on and off campus options ranging from emergency clinics, care clinics, counseling and therapy services. There are many highly rated private practitioners in the city as well to help with any needs that should arise.

The main hospital, Klinikum Augsburg, has two main facilities – one for adult care and for juvenile medical care. Both are state of the art and full service facilities and the hospital is well respected in Germany. Their juvenile health facility is one of the main treatment, surgery and rehabilitative centers for children in Germany.

The presence of a main US Army base in Augsburg also lends to the community the care facilities of the 34th General Hospital. The 34th provides preventative, emergency, general and surgical care to US citizens and other nationalities and works in conjunction with the Klinikum.

Whether you are staying in Augsburg for a week or three years, it is essential that you have everything you need to be able to access their health and social services. This means carrying prescriptions and medical records with you. While this used to be a burdensome process, as medical records can be bulky, the digital age has made it much easier. Typically, your home doctors will scan your records for a fee and transfer them to a disk or electronic file that is easily portable.

One thing to think through is how you will transport the electronic data. One method is to use a cloud service and store the records online, but that may lead some people to worry about the security of their information. You can also purchase an inexpensive memory stick that is designed to hook onto a keychain. Another increasingly popular option is to download the files to the storage memory of your mobile phone. However, make sure it will be the mobile phone you will be using while in Augsburg, as many models outside of Europe will not work on German networks.

It is a good idea, before you leave or upon arrival, to have a second set of medical alert IDs made that are translated into German. While English is commonly read and spoken in Augsburg, in an emergency situation, it is best to make your medical information as easily understood as possible.

Living and studying in Augsburg provides you with a unique experience that combines German culture with international community. The city is rich in history, yet also has all of the modern amenities you could ever desire. Located in Bavaria at the southern end of Germany, it makes an excellent home base for touring adventures in Germany and the continent beyond.

If you are interested in finding out more about the health system and social services of Augsburg then please visit the site below:

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