Housing and Accommodation in Augsburg

Housing and Accommodation in Augsburg

Housing Accommodation Augsburg

If you are studying in Augsburg, you have three housing needs. The first is finding accommodation when you are visiting for exams or interviews during the application process; the second is housing for while you are engaged in the term; and the third is housing and accommodation for between terms during long breaks, such as the summer.

There are many very good and affordable hotels in Augsburg for when you visit, or have visitors. When you want the best and want to be located right in the hub of the city, there is the Romantically Augsburger Hof, which is rated 4 stars. Like any four star hotel, it has just about everything you can imagine wanting under one roof. It also has a price that may be more appropriate for a business traveler or tourist than a potential student. One star down in ratings is the Best Western Hotel Dasing – Augsburg. It offers many modern amenities, it also offers shuttle service to and from the airport, which can make your trip go much smoother. Most visiting students choose to stay at the Hostel DJH Jugendherberge Augsburg. The DJH is centrally located and very affordable, but it does have an age restriction policy.

Once you have decided to stay and study in Augsburg there are two choices during the term. Both universities do offer student housing, but it is on a first come basis. Their “per need” housing ability is limited, but available. The problem with university housing is it can sometimes not be the best place to study and recuperate; university housing also tends to close during the summer and longer term breaks.

If you are not a first year student and have some familiarity with the city, you should consider getting accommodation in town. There are two ways of doing this. The first is to find a host family: this can be ideal for creating an immersion environment for learning the German culture and language. The drawback to staying with a host family is that it is just like staying with a family, which means there may be drama and dynamics that you may not want to be around if you are trying to focus on your studies. The second option is the most popular with students, to get a private accommodation on their own or with flat mates.

There are two areas of Augsburg in which accommodation tends to be a bit higher in cost or more difficult to come by. One is the Fugger’s Estate, one of the oldest housing estates with a well-preserved historic feel and the other is Centerville. Centerville is the neighborhood that mostly houses US Army personnel who are living off base. Other than that, the rest of the city is a mix. The closer you live to the business center, the higher the price. Then the prices get lower as you move out further, until you get into the more suburban areas and the price can rise again.

Near the universities the pricing of the neighborhoods will be very mixed. Where the professors live will often be nicer and more expensive, but there are student neighborhoods that although lived in and not in as beautiful a condition, are safe and affordable as well.

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