Learning German in Augsburg

Learning German in Augsburg

Learning German Augsburg

Many foreigners come to learn German in Augsburg for two reasons. The first is that it is home to several schools that are dedicated to intensive study of the language (not including the professional language programs available through the universities) and secondly, the large international presence in the city affords 2nd language speakers a unique opportunity to master German.

The Augsburg population combines a student, business and residential population that each has a strong international presence. When learning to speak any language well, the hardest thing to overcome is the accent you bring to it. In Augsburg, you have daily opportunities to converse with people fluent in German, after all, you will be living amongst them.

There is one main language school in Augsburg, offering different intensive programs that vary by length and focus. You can choose to spend one to three weeks studying conversational, business or exam preparation German. You can choose longer-term programs, or increase the amount of weekly classes, and all of them combine trips and experiences to help bring an understanding of German culture to your curriculum.

The ADK Augsburger Deutschkurse has three main program choices of General German (25 classes per week) and two Group German study programs (30 and 35 classes per week). The group classes also include a one-on-one session. You can choose to provide your own accommodation while studying with the ADK, or take advantage of their package bookings.

Another option that many people choose is to do a one-on-one program with a registered German language teacher. These programs promote you staying in the home of your tutor to give you a total immersion experience. Qualified teachers hold university degrees and have a recognized language teaching qualification.

If you want to stay with one of the professional programs at the Universities, the emphasis is more on business and academic forms of the German language. You can enroll for credit or a non-credit term, or opt to take a single course. Both universities have a rotating schedule of special weekend programs available throughout the year.

If you want to prepare for the German Language Proficiency Exam, your best bet may be to combine two of the programs. To study at a professional level at the university and to live in an immersion teaching environment is the fastest way to master the language. There are other well-known German language schools in cities near Augsburg, so you can also opt to study there and live in Augsburg. The Augsburg transportation system makes this a reasonable option.

Gaining proficiency in the German language before you embark on a full academic program is highly advisable. Gaining certification in proficiency by passing the German language exam will enhance your career prospects. The certificate is recognized globally and can help open opportunities to you anywhere in the world.

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