Transportation in Augsburg

Transportation in Augsburg

Transportation Augsburg

Getting around Augsburg is easy to do, whether or not you have a car. The only surprising thing is that it no longer accessible directly by commercial air travel. The old Augsburg Airport now only serves business and private flights. Other travelers must land at the Munich Airport (MUC) and arrange transportation from there.

By private or car hire, getting to the city from other locations is accessible via the Autobahn A 8. Berlin is 6 hours away by car and Cologne about 4. The A 8 runs between Munich and Stuttgart. Within the city, private cars and taxis are common, but more of the students and residents use the extensive public transportation system, run by the Augsburger Verkehrsverbund.

The rail system that serves Augsburg also provides high-speed service and regular service to other areas in Germany and on the continent. Students can purchase “semester tickets” that give them a discounted rate for multiple trips on the rail. On the high-speed line, you can reach Paris. You can also take the night train lines to Amsterdam or Paris, too. In the city boundaries, there are six major rail stations – the Central Station (Hauptbahnhof), Hochzoll, Hochzoll, Oberhausen, Morellstraße and Messe.

The tram system connects to these stations and an underground tram system is being constructed with a major station planned beneath the Central railway station. From Central you can get on the Munich-Augsburg or Ulm-Augsburg line. The ICE and IC also serve out of Central Station and connect travellers to Munich, Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuttgart. The other rail stations serve as connection stops to the local tram service.

Augsburg also has a competent over road bus system. There are over 25 bus lines and 6 specialized night bus lines that serve the city. Many people combine the bus and tram to get around quickly. The tram line has become even better in recent years as it has opened new lines to serve the hospital and universities directly. For the spots that are not serviced, or serviced late in the evening, there are plenty of taxis available.

One thing to note about travelling around Augsburg is that public transportation is most economical if you purchase monthly or semester passes. While many visitors may prefer to hire a private car, private driving is not as popular unless regularly going out of the city because of the cost of petrol. There are few places in the city and surrounding areas that are not easily accessible via the public systems.

If you prefer to cycle, Augsburg has a reputation of having some of the best routes in the area. Being a University town, there are facilities on the road and at stops for storing bicycles while you are conducting your business. The cycling community in Augsburg is strong, and near the triathlon centre of Friedberg, but neither has a significant web presence. A good place to contact about cycling maps in the city is the Augsburg tourism office.

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