University of Applied Sciences

University of Applied Sciences

The Augsburg University of Applied Sciences is incredibly the Bavarian largest center offering the certain study programs in the region. It has somewhere around 5000 students who are lectured and tutored by over 300 professionals who take pride in their revolutionary teaching methods and lecturing techniques. The students of this University have the pleasure of being in the best hands of science, technology and the art experts.

Concerning the classes, professors, assistants and students work in perfect harmony and balance, respecting each other’s opinions and corrections. It’s no myth that the success of a student is the great merit of the professor and the institution entirely.

As the University has opened not so long ago it operates under a trilogy, offering progressive, creative and innovative approaches towards education.  Geographically, Augsburg is ideally localized to apprehend the connection between economy, society and politics. Apart from being a well-known student town, Augsburg is a great location to do business and pleasure right in the Bavarian heart.

The University of Applied Sciences provides the opportunity to achieve a specialist’s level as well as social skills in seven different faculties that teach: General Studies, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Design, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Business Studies. All of these departments tend to wish their students the greatest luck into sharing their skills in the real world of commerce. The faculties of this University go as follows.

  1. Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  2. Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering
  3. Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  4. Faculty of Design
  5. Faculty of Computer Science
  6. Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering
  7. Faculty of Business

Augsburg University of Applied Sciences also offers several international courses in English.

Contact Address

Hochschule Augsburg
An der Hochschule 1
86161 Augsburg
Tel. 0821 5586 3552

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