University of Augsburg

University of Augsburg

The University of Augsburg ranks among the very best high education institutions to study in nationally. Localized just in the proximity of the Augsburg main hub, it offers a cozy and commodious up-to-date campus. The University building is modern and architecturally appealing, perfectly matching the green landscape in the surroundings embroidered with a fountain and several artworks.  The lake upfront is like this giant air conditioner that eases the students breathing.

As the University is rather a young institution it holds approximately 18000 students as a whole, from which a great deal of student come from all around the world to study here under the international student status.

The University is structured conveniently as all the faculties, the campus, the library and the student consult office lies in a perfect circle, neighboring each other.  There are seven different departments that operate under the Augsburg University.

  • Faculty of Economics and Business
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Catholic Theology
  • Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of History and Philology
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Applied Computer Science

All in all, the Language center in this University offers tuition of modern languages as well as classes on the native German language. The ones who do study in the Philology department have scheduled practical training in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Beyond the scope of exotic languages like Russian, Turkish or Japanese, the aforementioned department also organizes classes for a professional language like law or economy dealing with the certain terminology. As said before, along with the studies of the choice, students get to improve their German skills through simultaneous German classes.

Augsburg University, as the numbers show itself, is very open to international newcomers. Every year, right before the summer semester there’s a celebration due to the internationals day held inside the University premises. Each year, in the summer semester, an International Day is held at the University of Augsburg. Altogether, German and non-German, students get to introduce themselves and their countries of origin to each other. At the same festivity, students are informed of all the needed data according to their studies and internship opportunities.

Contact Address

University of Augsburg
Universitätsstr. 2
86159 Augsburg
Tel: +49 (0)821 598-0


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