Visa and Entry Requirements

Visa and Entry Requirements

Visa Entry Requirements

The visa and entry requirements for Augsburg differ depending on the purpose of your visit – student, tourist or business. One of the things that will also influence the amount of paperwork involved will be the length of time you are seeking to stay. For many countries, there is a 90-day grace period for tourists and business travellers, where a true visa is not required, but you do have to have proof of a return ticket out of Germany that leaves before the 90-day period expires. If you are from the EU, Norway, Switzerland or Liechtenstein, you can travel on your identity card without proof of exit or a visa.

If you are a student, or plan on studying in Augsburg, the most important thing you have to remember is that you must apply for your documents early. The earlier the better or you may miss the beginnings of your term because you are denied entrance. The rules for Australian, Israeli, Japanese, Canadian, New Zealand, South Korean and Americans differ slightly in that you are allowed to apply for a visa after you are in the country. It should be noted, however, that persons from those countries will still have to meet the 90-day requirements upon entry even if they plan on staying for university.

More information and the rules about the different countries may change, but you can find this information easily. The consulate and the German Embassy in your home country can help you find the information that you need in order to travel to Augsburg.

For students, the rules for applying will depend on your admission status. If you already have been accepted and confirmed your appointment at the University, then you are applying for a student visa. If you have not been accepted or not confirmed your offered appointment, you can apply for a visa for the purpose of visiting the University for Application. When you get your visa approved, it is very important that the privileges granted a student visa are not the same as those granted by a residence visa. You will also need a residence visa if you plan on living off campus or travelling through Germany and other countries on holiday.

Required Documents to Apply for Visa:

  • Completed application form
  • Valid Passport
  • 2 photographs
  • Letter of Admission
  • Transcript of academic record
  • Proof that you have sufficient funds to support yourself while living in Germany
  • Declaration of authenticity of documents submitted

You will also need to provide photocopies of all these documents, get proper health insurance (ex. Mawista Visum) and pay a fee of 60 Euros for the visa.

To get the additional visa, go to the university Registration Office and then to the Aliens Department to file the appropriate paperwork. Your best course of action is to first get advice and guidance from the Office for International Students, which each university maintains. Each visa application carries its own fees and requirements, which may include health certificates, proof of financing and proof of citizenship.

If you are planning on staying after the university year has ended, or after graduation, then you must get a regular visa and residence permit. Both of these will require that you show proof that you have health insurance (German) and a means of supporting yourself. Contact the German Embassy or Consulate for more information on the latest requirements. One important thing to remember is that some countries require that you return home for a minimum number of years after being abroad on a student visa before you are allowed to take up residence in another country.

If you are interested in finding more information on Visa requirements for Augsburg and Germany, then please visit the sites below:

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