What to do in Augsburg

What to do in Augsburg

What to do Augsburg

There is never a lack of things to do in Augsburg, no matter what your preference for how you spend your time. There are museums, historic sites, festivals, markets, religious buildings, restaurants, theatres and many activities available for those inclined towards the more physical.

Augsburg’s location places it near enough to the Alps and other natural locations that hiking or skiing are easily possible as a day trip. There is also a home football club, the FC Augsburg, which provides much excitement for fans. The Augsburg Panther’s are the latest incarnation of Germany’s oldest ice hockey club. They play regularly in the local stadium to crowds that average over 4,000. You will also find many gyms and small fitness clubs around the city, including a predominance of yoga facilities as many students and businessman have adopted the practice to stay fit and control stress. The green spaces have running trails and Augsburg has a cycling community that is well represented and sponsors frequent group rides. It is close enough to Friedberg, where many triathlons are hosted, to quickly ride up and participate in one of the events.

There are three main celebrations that the city launches each year, the first is on August 8th and is a commemoration of the Confessio Augustana. On this day you will find many open ecumenical services between Catholic and Lutheran churches, complete with food, entertainment, live performances and music. The second celebration is the Christmas Market; this is a month-long special market that features many specialty items, foods and crafts from German artisans. The last celebration is an annual event that can be as entertaining to watch, as it is to participate in. It is the annual Perlachturm Run, which is a race up the 261 steps of the Perlach Tower. This is the same tower that every 29th of September is a part of the Turamichelefest, where every hour small mechanical figures representing St. George and the Dragon come out and reenact their battle.

For the culturally minded, there are many galleries and museums to visit. The Schwabian Craftsmen’s Museum, located in the historic waterworks, displays the rise of professional craftsmen in Bavaria from the Middle Ages through to the present. There is also The Roman Museum, which has a more archeological flavor and features finds from the area from the time of Roman occupation as well as artifacts from the prehistoric age up through to the Middle Ages. It is beautifully housed in a former Dominican church.

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