Working while Studying in Augsburg

Working while Studying in Augsburg

Working While Studying Augsburg

Many students have to make arrangements to work while they are pursuing their studies in order to afford the materials for their courses and general living costs. Working while studying in Augsburg can be done, but care must be taken to make sure that you are not violating any regulations.

If you are a German citizen, then the real question will be how much time you can realistically give to a job while keeping up with your studies. A common mistake that students make is not thinking through the mental and physical demands of working in addition to the mental and physical demands of being a student. While we may all want to have a comfortable lifestyle and be able to travel and enjoy ourselves on holiday, the very nature of studying for a program certificate or degree implies a level of sacrifice.

Complicating the issue of student employment is that while there are jobs and part time jobs available in the service sector, which are the kinds of jobs that suit the demands of student life, there are better paying jobs within the fields you are studying for available in the city as well. The temptation is to at least acquire an internship in hopes that it will lead to a position upon graduating, but it may be too draining to allow you to pursue your studies well.

The universities offer one employment option for students. Both schools have established work-study programs that can accommodate resident and non-resident students with much more visa applications. These are not high paying positions, but they tend to be more accommodating of class schedules. Some of the scholarship funds given to students require that they perform a certain amount of work/study hours. These hours may or may not be paid.

The other option for working while studying in Augsburg is to pursue full or part time employment in the private sector. This may require that you apply for permissions and a special Visa in order to do so. The manpower allotment is strictly regulated in Germany, as it is in the entire EU, to make sure that German residents and citizens are offered the opportunity for employment first before a non-resident can apply. It is important to check out the latest in restrictions and allowances as they do change. Also, employment in the service sector (such as being a waiter/waitress) can have different rules. The best place to check the facts about what is currently required is the Federal Foreign Office. They can also explain the requirements for obtaining a training Visa, which allows you to be employed by a company in the area while pursuing employment related training.

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